A logo is by far the best means of defining a brand identity. From simple design elements to complex ones, the particular designs may catapult a brand to varying degrees. In each industry, this brand identity plays a critical role and enhances the values offered by a business. The colors, designs, shapes, and types in a logo must be working in sync with each other, to respond to the needs and requirements of a business.

One noticeable aspect of a logo design is that it remains at the forefront of branding and appears everywhere. Most industries acknowledge the importance of the recentness of their identity design and opt for designs that are creative and suitable for long-term use. At this point, they watch out for the latest trends that are steamrolling the market.

For that reason, we’ve gathered the futuristic and ultra-modern logos that are making their way into 2019 sooner than never. There are lines, shapes, different designs, and types that are wrapped into that trendy vibe that keeps captivating those designer minds. Hope you take your cue from these design inspirations and gear on for the up-coming logos in 2019!

Simple Logo Design
Negative Space
Interesting catering options
Line art bulb with face Logo
Cool fish design
The Lucky Ones
Travel Animation
Bold wordmark design
Merged Type And Design
Girl wearing evening dress
Baltic Airport
Barcode and Beer
Type and logo
Type And Negative Space
Film Reel With Scream Face
Interesting Green logo
Cool Intricate Blue
Hand drawn Flower House
Minimal Line art giraffe Logo
Greek Whole Food
Fabulous Bright Design
Bird in a logo
Cute little duck
Twins logo
Bird and worm
Simple spoon and fork food logo
Big Bull Geometric
Artfarm design
Construction Logo with Tower crane and buildings
Negative Space Logo with Letter z merged with arrows


Logo designs bring youth and vitality to brands. They keep the façade of it fresh and modern, given that they’re on the same page as the contemporary trends. With all the inspirations listed above, it is hoped that you will match your pace with the advanced logos from the future.